If you are interested in cybersecurity consulting, I present the scope in which I can help.

Web security

We carry out a comprehensive security audit of web applications. The aim of the audit is to find the vulnerabilities in accordance wit the OWASP methodology, covering the risk analysis and commonly used standards.

Mobile & Client security

We have extensive experience in assessing the security of mobile and desktop (thick client) applications. We cover all common mobile and desktop platforms. Our team has extensive knowledge of code security techniques and architecture used by client applications (mobile, desktop)


Our team conducts consultations in the field of device configuration security and penetration test of infrastructure. We assess both public and internal infrastructure because it is also a potential source of attack from within the company

Our services

  • Threat modelling
  • Risk analysis
  • Security design
  • Penetration test (blackbox, whitebox)
  • Source code analysis
  • Security best practices verification